Auditing Excel Formulas – Quick Tips

Auditing Excel Formulas – Quick Tips Visit this page to download the sample file.

When troubleshooting formulas in Excel, you can use keyboard shortcuts and Ribbon commands to help with auditing the formulas.

For example, press Ctrl + ` to see the formulas on the worksheet, instead of the formula results. Then, look down a column, to see if the calculations in all the rows look the same.

There is also a Show Formulas command on the Ribbon’s Formulas tab, that lets you turn this formula display on or off.

You can also trace the precedent and dependent cells for a formula, to see which cells are affected by a formula, and which cells it affects. Or, use a shortcut to go to those precedent or dependent cells.

Watch this video to see how to use these auditing features for formula troubleshooting.

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