TOP 10 Outlook Tips EVERY Professional NEEDS To Know (in 2021)

TOP 10 Outlook Tips EVERY Professional NEEDS To Know (in 2021)

In this Outlook tutorial, you’ll learn my top 10 best Microsoft Outlook tips and tricks.
You’ll be able to manage your inbox better so you can be more productive and less stressed!
With these Outlook tips you’ll be able to increase your productivity.
You’ll learn to automatically add the schedule of your favorite Sports team to your Calendar. I’ll show you how to conditionally format your Outlook calendar meetings based on different conditions – for example color-code the Outlook invites from your boss in a different color.
You can email your calendar to your friends to find a common time instead of emailing back and forth. Don’t worry, you can choose how much information you share before you send your calendar.
You can drag and drop attachments directly to Microsoft Teams. You can automatically resize your images before you send your email. This way you don’t have to resize your images before you attach them to an email. You can do it after you add your large attachment. You’ll learn what “clean up” in Outlook does and how to change the default length of meetings in Outlook. This way you have enough time to jump from one meeting to another.
You’ll find these tips and tricks useful whether you’re new to Outlook or just wanting to improve your Outlook skills.

00:00 Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks
00:19 Add Sport Schedule or TV Show to Your Outlook Calendar
01:52 Color-Code your Outlook Calendar with Conditional Formatting
04:03 Send Your Outlook Calendar in an Email
05:15 How to Show Total Number of Items in an Outlook Folder
06:02 Show Quick Action Buttons Over Your Email in Outlook
06:39 Change Default Meeting Length in Outlook
07:26 Drag and Drop Attachments From Outlook to Teams
07:51 Automatically Resize Your Images in Outlook
08:54 Use Clean Up Conversation & Folder to Delete Redundant Messages
10:03 Preview Upcoming Calendar Events with To-Do Bar
10:50 Wrap Up

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