EXCEL TIPS & TRICKS – EXCEL ANALYZE DATA –  Artificial Intelligence

EXCEL TIPS & TRICKS – EXCEL ANALYZE DATA – Artificial Intelligence

In this video on Excel Tips & Tricks, we will discuss ANALYZE DATA TOOL in Excel
Analyze data is a new Artificial intelligence-powered Tool in Excel.
Increase your productivity by 10X in Excel with the Analyze data
Using artificial intelligence and Machine learning Analyze Data gives us a quick overview and different summary reports about our data without us having to do anything.
👉 Additional resources
– Sample data to follow along: https://www.msmehta.com/pivot-table/

Analyze Data was earlier called Ideas in Excel

In these Excel Tips on Analyse Data Tool of Excel we will discuss how it can provide:
✔️ High-level visual summaries,
✔️ Ranks,
✔️ Outliers,
✔️ Trendlines,
✔️ Patterns.
You can ask Analyze Data questions in natural language without writing complicated formulas.
Analyze Data in Excel analyzes your data, and returns interesting visuals about your data in a side pane.
Analyze Data provides a quick way of getting insights into your data.

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