Want to learn Excel❓ Here is a complete crash course for you

Want to learn Excel❓ Here is a complete crash course for you

Are you new to Excel and not sure where to begin or how to know all the basics in one place? You have come to the right place.
In this concise yet in-depth video, learn:

1) What is Excel and how to use it?
2) How to enter and format data in Excel?
3) Understanding Excel’s ribbon UI
4) How to set up filters & sort data?
5) How to add totals or averages with formulas?
6) How to create a chart from your data
7) How to highlight values below a certain number, automatically?
8) Example file & homework problems for you

Video topics & timestamps ⏱👉
0:00 – Introduction to Excel (Tanvi’s tracking troubles)
1:15 – Starting Excel
1:38 – Understanding the Excel Screen (ribbon, formula bar, grid and status bar)
4:09 – Setting up the sales tracker
7:35 – Exploring Excel Ribbons
8:21 – Formatting the data so it looks nice
11:37 – Using filters to understand data (which customers paid by cash)?
13:05 – Formatting currency values
13:57 – Sorting data so highest amount shows on top
15:46 – Writing formulas to add up values
21:01 – Clearing away things in your spreadsheet
21:29 – Calculating average of values with formulas
22:39 – Visually representing data with Excel charts
24:08 – Formatting and adjusting Excel charts
27:27 – Special charting tip: Showing just selected data in the graph
28:26 – Highlighting values that are below 1200 (conditional formatting)
29:57 – Homework problems & closing remarks

Sample file 📗👇
You can download the sample file for this course from here:

FREE Excel Tips Book 📖💥

Download your copy of 50 Excel Tips book from here –

Learn more 💻⏩
Now that you finished the basic Excel course, here are the next learning stops for you.
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3️⃣ How to use Excel’s cell references to write better formulas – https://youtu.be/4MVNjzsGokc
4️⃣ Excel Basic Skills – Article – https://chandoo.org/wp/excel-basics/
5️⃣ Complete Excel Course (Paid program by me) – https://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school-program/

Happy learning 🌼🌞😀


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