Data cleaning in Excel – 10 tricks *PROs* use all the time

Data cleaning in Excel – 10 tricks *PROs* use all the time

Good data is the cornerstone of great analysis. In this video, learn 10 powerful yet EASY ways for data cleaning in Excel that not many know. The tricks you will learn are,

0:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Extracting first name with Flash fill feature of Excel
1:47 – Converting numbers to percentages
3:18 – Remove blank cells or rows using Goto special
4:43 – Find common values between two lists
5:32 – Clean-up ugly formats with one click
6:15 – Bonus trick #1 – Remove extra spaces
7:30 – Unstack data easily with simple formulas
9:44 – Removing duplicate combinations in your data
10:37 – Deleting yellow or any colour cells
12:09 – Extract numbers from text values easily
13:35 – Get file names from full path with Find Replace in Excel
15:36 – Bonus trick #2 – Dealing with numbers formatted as text

Example file for practice:
Please download example file with dirty data to practice here.

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