FIFA 2022 World Cup Schedule & Results – Excel [FREE Download]

It is the Soccer WORLD CUP time !!! Here is an Excel Workbook to keep track of the schedule, results, group standings and more. Download it today.

FIFA world cup 2022 schedule excel download

Download the FREE Excel Workbooks:

Download the Excel workbook (Excel 365 version)

Don’t have Excel 365? Use the Non 365 version here.

Features of this FIFA World Cup Schedule Workbook:

Group & Knockout Stage Views

Group & Knock-out stage views - Fifa 2022 Excel tracker

Two separate tabs provide clear view of the schedules & results from Group Stage & Knock out stage of the football worldcup. They will auto-update whenever you refresh the workbook.

Fantasy View (set your own Group Stage Winners)

Pick your own winners for each of the 48 group stage matches and then see how that pans out at the knock-out stages (bracket view) with this cool Fantasy view. Switch between Fantasy and actual standings anytime.

Match Schedules:

The workbook also provides match schedules (dates & times as per local Qatar timezone) and quick access links to the match report.

Game schedules, date & times, match report links & fantasy option in one place.

Refreshable Scores & Group Standings:

The workbook is refreshable. If you hit CTRL ALT F5 (or Data ribbon > Refresh All), the group standings, points etc. will automatically update. The workbook uses Power Query in Excel to connect to Wikipedia page and fetch standings & results.

How is this built?

I plan to make a video explaining the process if time permits. But here is the quick run-down of the process:

  1. All the data comes from 2022 FIFA World Cup page on Wikipedia.
  2. I am using Power Query (Data Ribbon) to fetch the relevant tables from the Wikipedia page.
  3. Once the data is loaded to Excel, I created two different views, one for group stage and another for knock-out (elimination) stage.
  4. Here I am using either Dynamic Array formulas (such as FILTER & SORT) or good old INDEX MATCH formulas to get the correct values.
  5. In a separate tab, I have the schedule of all the 48 games. Here you can also specify the winners in a fantasy column.
  6. I used Data Validation to let you (users) select whether you want to view fantasy view or actual view.
  7. I applied conditional formatting to change color of the bracket view if fantasy results are shown.

Issues with the workbook? Read this:

As this workbook relies on the Wikipedia page, if something changes there, the workbook can break. I will check the file once every few days and fix any known problems. Comeback to this page and download latest version if possible.

If there are any issues with the file, please post a comment so I can fix them.

Alternative trackers:

Try the Spreadsheet tracker from as well.

How do I learn these techniques?

These kind of files are a great little project to build up your Excel skills. I suggest reading up below pages to learn some of the skills:

  • Power Query – for connecting and getting data from anywhere (including web)
  • Dynamic Array formulas – for calculating results dynamically
  • Data Validation – for collecting user inputs
  • Conditional Formats – for changing colors automatically
  • FIFA 2018 Worldcup Tracker (another workbook to try and learn)

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