Date stamp every checkbox in Excel – PART 2 – Excel Tips and Tricks

Date stamp every checkbox in Excel – PART 2 – Excel Tips and Tricks

Learn how to insert date and time if a check box is checked in Excel. We will also be answering how do I timestamp a check box in Excel. Or how do I make a clickable timestamp in Excel? Or can we date stamp an entry in Excel? Or simply how do I add a date stamp to a cell in Excel?

How to Insert Date and Time if a Checkbox is Checked in Excel – PART 1 – Excel Tips and Tricks

Date stamp every checkbox in Google Sheet – Excel Tips and Tricks

Here the steps outlined on the video.

Enable Developer Tab
1) Right-click anywhere in the ribbon
2) Customized the Ribbon…
3) Check on Developer
4) OK

Insert Checkboxes
1) Developer ~ Insert ~ Form Controls
2) Checkbox
3) Right-click checkbox and Edit Text
4) Press delete key a few times to delete text
5) Remove check mark from the checkbox
6) Copy checkbox for the rest of the rows.

Add VBA script
1) Right-click the worksheet.
2) View Code
3) Right-click Modules
4) Insert ~ Module
5) Double click on the newly create module.
6) Add the VBA script.
7) Ctrl+S
8) Close VBA Editor

Link Checkboxes to Macro
1) Home ~ Editing ~ Find & Select ~ Selection Pane…
2) Click on any checkbox and Ctrl+A
3) Right-click on any checkbox
4) Assign macro
5) Select CheckBoxDateTimeStamp
6) OK

Here’s the script showcased on the video.

Sub CheckBoxDateTimeStamp()
Dim chkBox As CheckBox
Set chkBox = ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes(Application.Caller)
With chkBox.TopLeftCell.Offset(, 1)
If chkBox.Value = xlOff Then
.Value = “”
.Value = Date & ” ” & Time
End If
End With
End Sub

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