10 Super Neat Ways to Clean Data in Excel

10 Super Neat Ways to Clean Data in Excel

Learn how to clean data in Excel using different ways and techniques.

Data forms the backbone of any analysis that you do in Excel. And when it comes to data, there are tons of things that can go wrong – be it the structure, placement, formatting, extra spaces, and so on.

Excel can be an amazing tool for data analysis. But we hardly get the data that can be used right away. And a bad data leads to bad analysis.

In this video, I will show you 10 simple ways to clean data in Excel.

The following topics are covered in this video:
— Get Rid of Extra Spaces
— Select and Treat All Blank Cells
— Convert Numbers Stored as Text into Numbers
— Remove Duplicates
— Highlight Errors
— Change Text to Lower/Upper/Proper Case
— Spell Check
— Delete all Formatting
— Use Find and Replace to Clean Data in Excel

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